“Philip, an outsider becomes prince”

11:00 am, April 11, 2021

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Sir Peter Ricketts, former British ambassador to Paris, recalled the memory of Prince Philip, who died at the age of 99 on Friday.

“I remember the visit of the Queen and Prince Philip to Paris in 2014 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Allied Landing. At the embassy residence, the first books and albums of the magical journey are still in 1949. Prince Edinburgh praised France, not Only for stud farms that the Queen liked or she appreciated the French maritime tradition.

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During the state lunch on 6 June in Normandy, he got to know everyone, he was very comfortable with the Queen’s interlocutors. It must be said that his international experience was very good, he traveled a lot. Although the queens are very clear about the confidentiality of the documents in their red box, I suspect they may have shared their views on world affairs with confidentiality. And they tried to be influential in the space reserved for them, for example, through NGOs or charitable associations, but through other channels.

He lived with his time

When we read Barack Obama’s very moving reaction to his death, we can see that Prince Philip left a mark on those who respected him. On the level of public opinion, if there is such a consensus today, it is because everyone realizes his qualities that he is now gone. And especially whatever it has done to modernize the monarchy.

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He came from outside, he was an outsider, he was not trained to be a prince, but he quickly understood that the royal family needed to be more open and accessible. Not only with the media, but also during the short walkabouts that he invented to break with very rigid protocols. He lived with his time. He was an airplane pilot, as much passionate about the world of science and engineering as he was for the protection of the environment, especially as the head of the WWF organization. In fact, he was a definite milestone in a changing world and it is now that he is gone that we feel that he counts moments of happiness as the most painful of our nation. “

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