Pence is attending the rally, Dallas Gov. Speaking to coronavirus with Abbott

Pence is attending the rally, Dallas Gov. Speaking to coronavirus with Abbott

Vice President Mike Pence spoke before more than 2,000 people at a closed rally in downtown Dallas on Sunday, and then met with Texas Gov Greg Abbott, who warned that the coronavirus had a “very fast and very dangerous turn” in the state.

Pence wore a mask for about 3,000 people when he reached the “Celebrate Freedom Rally” at the First Baptist Church, CNN said.

Mask stated that roughly 2,200 people attended the optional event. According to the pool report, at least 50 percent of the crowd were in masks.

“By working with your governor, we will first put the health of people in the Lone Star state and continue to restore our freedom and lifestyle every day, because we have put this epidemic history closer to us every day, and when we do, this governor and president and Texas and America we will make it bigger and better than ever. ”

Pence later met with Republican Abbott for calling everyone to wear a face mask.

“President Trump asked us to be here today, with increased positivity over the past two weeks, and an increasing number of cases with simple messages, and [tell the] The Texans said: “We are with you,” said Pence. Dallas Morning News reported.

Texas has become a hot spot for coronavirus with at least 143,371 cases and approximately 2,400 deaths.

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