Passenger Uses Photo of Another Ticket to Board Delta Flight

Passenger Uses Photo of Another Ticket to Board Delta Flight

A Texas man was arrested in Salt Lake City after attempting to board a Delta Air Lines flight bound for Austin, Texas without a ticket. Wicliff Yves Fleurizard, 26, now faces one felony count of stowaways on vessels or aircraft.

Mr. Fleurizard managed to board the flight by using a photo of another passenger’s boarding pass. He initially stayed in the lavatory at the front of the plane until the doors were secured, then moved to the back of the plane and entered another lavatory.

The incident was only noticed when a flight attendant realized there were no open seats just as the plane was about to taxi. Mr. Fleurizard was promptly removed from the flight and held at the Salt Lake County Metro Jail.

The Salt Lake City Police Department and the Transportation Security Administration are investigating how Mr. Fleurizard was able to get through security and onto the plane without a proper boarding pass.

Delta Air Lines has since released a statement emphasizing the importance of boarding passes and security protocols to ensure the safety of all passengers.

This incident serves as a reminder of the vigilance needed to maintain security at airports and on flights, and highlights the potential risks associated with individuals attempting to board flights without proper authorization.

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