Paris: When Sci-Po ignited the Duhaml episode

The students did not let go. This Monday afternoon, at the center of Saint-Germain-of-Nier, is the sci-poe’s Gors (Action and Reflection Group Against the Sexist Environment) gathered under the institution’s windows at Rue Saint-Guillaume (VIIe).

“Mion resigns”, “face your rapist friends” “, we want morality” … Messages from fifty such students were on their signals, all in an atmosphere of smoke.

Feminists demonstrate under the windows of Sci-Po. DR / Bachir Boolegelt

Like every Monday, for a month since Duhmel’s case surfaced, after the publication of Camille Cowner’s book, La Familia Grande, students have been camping under the windows of Sci-Po.

“Our speech has not changed. We would like the resignation of Frederick Mayn, a first-year master’s student at the IEP in Paris and a member of the GARS insists on Ambray. Our manager knew everything. He failed in his duties. He lied to the students. “

No resignation for sci-po

And above all “he killed accusations of incest”, targeting Olivier Duhmall, honorary professor of the IEP in Paris and president of the National Foundation of Political Science.

Contacted this Monday, Science-PO recalls that, after the case, “a mission of the General Inspectorate is underway. It aims to establish the chronology of the facts, the responsibility of each and the potential flaws in the organization of governance.”

Newspaper 75 essentials

A tour of the news in Paris and at the IDF

On the other hand, concerning the resignation of Frederick Mayon, “No, the question does not arise at present”.

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Alice Coffin and Rafael Remy Leleau, elected feminist Paris, came to support the students.  DR / Bachir Boolegelt
Alice Coffin and Rafael Remy Leleau, elected feminist Paris, came to support the students. DR / Bachir Boolegelt

Not enough to calm GUYS. “We plan to come back next Monday,” Ambray says. The students of the Sorbonne support us, the Student Union. On this Monday, the Mayor of Paris was elected women, such as Alice Coffin and Rafael Remy Leleu. We are not letting go. “

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