Pandemic: Zombie film fans were better prepared

Great news for Rick Grimes fans, the main character of The walking dead. A study published in early January by the magazine Personality and personal differences And issued by Slate Shows that fans of horror films, especially zombie films, were better prepared for the Kovid-19 epidemic.

By interviewing nearly 300 people, researchers, including a psychologist and professor at Pennsylvania State University and Danish experts, reported that morbid enthusiasts, and especially the living dead, suffer less psychological distress since the onset of the health crisis.

Zombies are “almost epidemic”

Colton Screener, one of the researchers involved in the study, explains Slate That horror filmmakers “felt that they knew what to buy to avoid an epidemic.” Thanks to this benefit, they were “not taken by surprise”. The similarities between the health crisis and this type of film are numerous.

In times of pandemics, no Cannes Film Festival without zombies

Colton Screener, specialized in horror’s psychology studies, believes that corpses are “almost by definition epidemic”. In the series or movies where they appear in the scene, the dead try to infect dead, contaminated, healthy people instead. Is escaping

…

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