Outbreak of Kovid-19 cases in Dunkirk: “We do carnival but not sixty”

“Containment?” We are on the path of entitlement. This is probably the best solution, if we want to save the summer at least… ”In Dunkirk, philosophy is essential. The sub-province of the north is currently the “star of news” by Misele, a psychologist with National Education and a resident of the city center. And for good reason: The Health Minister, Olivier Vernon, is expected this Wednesday, twenty-four hours after the announcement by the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, for the upcoming implementation of the virus “additional measures to curb the outbreak” in the city. . The epidemic is growing there, with a record incidence rate of 901 cases per 100,000 inhabitants – less than 200 on average in France.

Following the Alps-Maritimes, where a partial reassembly was done over the weekend, Dunkirk must therefore experiment with “regionalization”, a restrictive measure hitherto banned by the government. In the city, we wonder about the reasons for the outbreak of this epidemic. “I went for a walk on the beach this weekend, the weather was fine, it’s true that there were people, but I didn’t notice any particular overflow, which could explain such an increase in contamination”, Mitchell said said. Who dares to initiate the interpretation: If the traditional balls of the carnival of Dunkirk are canceled, some are celebrating in private.

“We see people with costumes”

“When we walk the streets, we hear carnival tunes, laughter, songs through open windows, we see people in costume … maybe not everyone pays attention to the obstacle gestures”, asks Misele again is.

Jackie, 21, “Restless Carnival”, confirms that locals “need to party a little”, but no more than anywhere else. He believes that the way the students take place in the evenings or the Appartis Paris or Lille, there is no doubt that some people here see themselves in small groups, having a good time. But to say from there that this is the reason for such a huge contagion, I do not believe it. We don’t brew more than anywhere else. “

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Same story for Michelle Papige, head of the Dunkirk Carnival Ball Association. “Chapel (Editor’s note: huge aperitifs between neighbors for Carnival) Clumsy, he doesn’t exist … I knew it, the man swears. Who ensures that the instructions from the local authorities were “clear and publicized”: “Any member of Carnival’s cooperation who will organize the underground thing will be assured, without warning, to Michael Papage. Obviously, it’s carnival time.” Hai, it is hard to remain useless! It is not forbidden to receive people at home, to dress, to drink… but to respect the barrier gestures. We do Carnival, but not at sixty, being responsible. “

Therefore, to explain the situation the other topic at the center of the discussion is the proximity to Kent, the land of origin of the English version, going to Dunkirk, Calis (Pas-de-Calais), one of the two main gates. Britain. This one, much more contagious than the original strain of Kovid-19, would represent more than 70% of new cases as against about 36% in the rest of the country. “Dunkirk is a center, Jackie admits. Truckers, people arriving from England every day, because Brexit has not cut all trade! “

Crisis meeting to avoid imprisonment

Results: The head of a local hospital saturated emergency, Christophe Coutier, told the daily Le Monde this weekend to deal with a “tide” that has swept over the establishment for ten days.

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To prevent the outbreak, Dunkirk’s elected representatives from an urban community bringing together 17 municipalities met on Tuesday morning. Finally, the Mayor of Dunkirk (DVG), Patrice Varghese, asked for “one last chance before imprisonment” and announced a strategy proposed by Dunkirk’s elected officials, based on reinforcement of prevention, wearing masks to normalize wear and Accelerating vaccination.

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