Orange Money Maroc: Prosper money transfer offer

Orange Money Morocco customers can now easily and securely receive money from their relatives abroad directly into their Orange Money accounts.

In order to provide a more tangible service aimed at facilitating the daily lives of its customers, Orange Money Maroc has partnered with American fintech company Remitly to enable its customers to get money easily and conveniently from their relatives established overseas. allows to do. securely, directly to their Orange Money accounts. Naval Gharmily Sefrioui, Managing Director of Orange Money Maroc, said: “Since its launch last year, Orange Money Maroc has been advancing its efforts to provide simple services to Moroccan people, making their daily lives easier. Thanks to this new service, our customers can now receive money from abroad directly into their Orange Money accounts, in just a few clicks and at any time. Thus, via a press release published this week, mobile payments The national operator operating in the U.S. announced that its customers “have the possibility to receive funds from abroad directly into their Orange Money accounts from abroad, whether through the Orange Money France mobile application or the Remitly digital money transfer service”. .

In detail, the operator states that the service is available in several countries including Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. Its use is simple and instantaneous, we told Orange Money. All you have to do is open your Remitly account for free (via the alias app or website) and fund it by card or bank transfer. After this, the customer only needs to enter the recipient’s information (phone number, amount, country) and validate the transaction. In this regard the operator explains, “The customer of Orange Money Morocco will get his money immediately in his account without having to travel, and can therefore use it”. As a reminder, Orange Marrow was the second operator, after Inv, to launch its own mobile payment solution. Orange Money Marrow was created in March 2019 and received approval in August of the same year. The general public launch took place on March 10, 2020. Remember that at the time, Morocco was the 18th in Africa to host Orange’s mobile money solution.

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