One of Animation Cinema’s Biggest Hits in Recent Years Coming to Streaming Tomorrow

An animated film known to all, young and old, will be available on the Disney+ streaming platform starting Monday, June 27. We give you a sign with the slogan of a famous little astronaut: “to infinity and beyond !”

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There’s only a few hours left to wait to see (and/or re-watch) this gem from Pixar Studios! Starting this Monday, June 27, the fourth installment of a very popular saga with multiple generations will be available on the Disney+ streaming platform. And that’s about… toy story 4, This animated adventure film by Josh Cooley was released in theaters in June 2019. It took three years for it to finally arrive on the streaming platform.


In this fourth feature film, apparently, it will be possible to find the iconic heroes of toy storyie cowboy sheriff woody and his fellow astronaut Buzz Lightning, But a new arrival will disrupt the habits of the small group of toys. Thorn will appear in Bonnie’s room. An opportunity for Woody and his friends to start a new adventure. first three movies toy story Also available on Disney+. Perfect for reminiscing about the latest adventures of Pixar’s animated toys, before starting the latest installment of the animated film.

A global success since 1995

Event toy story Doesn’t get weaker with time. The first film was released in 1995 and was made using only computer graphics. It quickly enjoyed global success, being a box office hit particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. This first film has been nominated several times among the titles of film awards such as the Oscar or Golden Globe.

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a toy story 5 insight?

Can this success continue with the fifth installment? Jonas Rivera, one of the producers, replied a few weeks ago allotted, So in full promotion of toy story 4They said:In 1999, when we were asked whether toy story 2 Last was, we answered yes without any hesitation. after the release of toy story 3, We thought again that this would be the end of the story.” But this time will really be the end for Jonas Rivera, who believes that ,toy story 4 is actually the last part of the saga”, However, our favorite toys may well return to Disney+ in the form of short films. Jonas Rivera offered the launch of the platform, giving an assurance about this “New perspectives, for example being able to dedicate short films to secondary characters in the universe toy story,, In the meantime, it’s possible to find our favorite astronaut movie Buzz Lightning, Released in cinemas on Wednesday 22 June.

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