One institution points to mismanagement of passengers by the government

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Poor behaviour, lack of control: In the United Kingdom, the National Audit Institute (NAO) condemned the government’s handling of travelers during the COVID-19 crisis. For most of 2021, a hotel quarantine system has been put in place. At a high cost to the UK taxpayer.

With our correspondent in London, Emily Wines

About £400m (approximately €500m) of public money has been spent to cover the cost of the hotel quarantine. Half of the total cost of disposal. Among the dues the government had to pay for the passengers were: for rooms, screening tests, £75 million. Another practice: Passengers dispute fees Via Their bank, according to the National Audit Institute (NAO), is a “fraudulent” practice.

effectiveness not proven

By the way, the institute believes that the effectiveness of the hotel quarantine policy has not been proven. Of the 214,000 travelers from “at risk” countries, only 2% contracted COVID-19 during their eleven-day stay at the hotel.

, learn a lesson ,

The institute is also important for controlling the home quarantine for the rest of the passengers. Despite the cost of the check – over £100m – a third of travelers may have violated the requirement without any consequence. In its report, the NAO urged the government to “ learn a lesson of the pandemic for possible future travel restrictions.

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