Oklahoma dad shows free hot truck climbing kids who die after video shows climb on their own

Oklahoma dad shows free hot truck climbing kids who die after video shows climb on their own

According to a report, a Oklahoma father who was arrested after his two children died in a hot truck was released – according to a video, tots climbed into his own vehicle.

31-year-old Dustin Lee Dennis was released into Tahville after Saturday’s death of his two children outside Tulsa home, news station KJRH reported.

According to the detectives, a rescued video showed that Teagan and Ryan, aged 4 and 3, had left the father there, instead of showing that they had left the father, instead of putting them in the truck.

“Watching video from a neighbor’s house confirmed that the children managed to get into the vehicle and never tragically left,” Tulsa District Prosecutor’s Office said.

“Based on newly discovered evidence, detectives immediately reported to our office.”

Dennis told the police that they went to a supermarket with their children at noon, then returned home and fell asleep for a few hours, Fox23 reported. When he woke up, he said he couldn’t find the tots.

According to the report, he discovered the children on the floor of his truck and brought them to the living room, where medics could not save them.

Her father was initially arrested for two degrees of second-degree murder, but prosecutors say no official charges were made to her, according to the report.

The prosecutor’s office said the case is still under investigation. People reported.

“The release of Mr. Dennis in a personal recognition link does not mean that this case is over,” the office said.

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