Of course Donald Trump wants fireworks on Mount Rushmore – Meanwhile in America

Such a frivolity may seem like a bad taste amid a rapidly worsening outbreak – and mindless, no social distance is needed in the event. But the holiday, which celebrates independence from the UK, is used to support Trump’s misrepresentation of the country.
“We have returned very strongly … and I think we will be very good with the coronavirus,” Told Fox Business On Wednesday, his government’s most infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that the U.S. may soon see 100,000 new cases per day.

Mount Rushmore state, South Dakota, was not hit as badly as the rest of the virus’s heart. But only one infected person is needed in what is expected to be a large crowd to seed new outbreaks.

The president loves a big show and a bigger crowd. On Saturday, it will host the second “Salute to America” ​​festival, complete with another big firework display. Last year, the demand for flies and military equipment, modeled at France’s Bastille Day parade, doubled the cost of the event. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser asked citizens to stay home and watch the show on TV – but temptation will be great for many. The city’s metro system is preparing for the trains that are crammed.

Another public health nightmare. But Trump is desperate to put himself at the center of a celebration four months after Election Day. And it will travel more than the worst outbreak in a century.

‘I can’t wait to compare my cognitive ability with the man’s cognitive ability I ran’

Now both men who run to the US President’s office are questioning the other’s mind. After months of campaign that Trump described former Vice President Joe Biden as “sleepy” and inconsistent, a Fox News reporter asked Biden this week whether it was tested for cognitive decline. “All you have to do is watch me,” Biden replied.And I can’t wait to compare my cognitive ability with the man’s cognitive ability I’m running. “

BoJo and FDR

A smiling Franklin Delano Roosevelt, playfully sitting with a cigarette in a clenched teeth, sits at the wheel of his convertible, hot springs, Georgia, 1939. (Photo by Underwood Archives / Getty Images)
Trump is not the only world leader based on the projected presidential size. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who reached 10 Downing Street and imitated his hero Winston Churchill, calling now The other half of the dynamic democratic duo of World War II – US President Franklin Roosevelt.
When England faces the threat of publishing the worst unemployment figures, Johnson said, FDR’s New OpportunityHe recruited America in the 1930s and fed the welfare state. This is an interesting comparison only because of Johnson’s courage to compare the Democrat Party giant who defeated the Great Depression and crushed the Nazism.

To begin with, Johnson’s proposed plan – 5 billion pounds or $ 6.24 billion – is small compared to Roosevelt’s extensive public work programs. But still audacious: Johnson’s Conservative Party is overshadowed by Margaret Thatcher, the antithesis of the government spending of unbridled capitalism FDR. And Johnson has not yet announced whether FDR will pay taxes on infrastructure investments as it does. Flirting with Roosevelt is a clue that Johnson was actually a more traditional and moderate politician than Trump, despite his populist style, flamboyant rhetoric and fervent support for Brexit.

Calling for a “Rooseveltian approach” in the UK, Johnson may be thinking less of ideology than the cheerful, cheerful personality of the FDR, who put steel in the spirit of his citizens during his 12-year rule. This optimism, summed up by the campaign song of the 32 Presidents, “Happy days are here again“may be what the world needs right now.

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