Octave Klaba, OVHcloud . A geek’s trajectory on top of

Born in Poland, the founder of French Cloud Champion has an astonishing background.

Impossible T-shirts, heavy metal riffs on electric guitars, punctuation with incomprehensible technical terms… Octave Klaba has the advantage of looking like two drops, a robot portrait of the perfect geek. Except that he founded a multinational conglomerate, which is number two in the cloud in Europe. On the other side of the iron curtain a career that was, to say the least, surprising for a man born in Poland in 1975. The history of his family is closely linked to the history of France. His grandparents, although set in France, cannot return there after living in Poland. It was here that Octave Klyba was born and spent his entire childhood. He was about seventeen years old and spoke only a few words of French when his parents took advantage of the fall of the Berlin Wall and decided to immigrate to Roubaix.

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Since childhood, Octave Klaba retains this touch of accent, which some suspect is carefully placed on him.”to confuse your interlocutors“. rest in a .

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