Nureal Air AR glasses coming to the UK later this spring – Reuters

Augmented reality company Nreal’s latest augmented reality glasses, called the Nreal Air, will be heading to the UK later this spring in partnership with EE. Featuring a more compact and smart design compatible with iOS devices as well as Android smartphones, the 5G-connected Nreal Air glasses are one of the few consumer headsets that will be available in 2022.

Described as offering “a 201-inch full HD virtual screen that extends up to 6 meters,” the lightweight glasses seem to be a convenient way to watch movies, play games, and browse apps on the go. OLED screens also look good, with a high resolution (3840 x 1080), smooth 90Hz refresh rate, and 46-degree viewing angle.

Coconut Air Glasses work in two main modes. The first, Air Casting Mode, is where your phone’s display is mirrored over the glasses, allowing you to view your apps and content on a large, fixed virtual screen that appears in front of you.

The other is called “MR Space” – not Mister, but Mixed Reality – which mixes the real and digital worlds and “enlarges multiple virtual screens into 3D space up to 201 inches”.

Interestingly, both Nreal and EE tout the specs as a gaming device, offering the ability to play streaming games when connected to a Bluetooth controller. Depending on performance, the specs may be a low-key option for gameplay on a mobile or laptop.

However, it is important to note that these are not full-blown AR glasses like those in development at companies such as Meta and Apple, lacking external cameras to properly map the environment, overlay elements of the user interface, and manual input. track the.

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Instead, it will offer 3DoF (degrees of freedom) head tracking like mobile-powered VR headsets, with input primarily from your paired smartphone – similar to the Vive Flow. If you were expecting an AR Map to display directions on your walk or to preview incoming information through glasses, you’ll be disappointed.

Although the absence of “real” AR intelligence has an advantage; AR glasses are much more compact and lighter than smart AR headsets like Microsoft’s HoloLens 2. The Nureal Air comes in a form similar to Meta’s Ray-Ban Stories, sporting a classic sunglasses design that doesn’t scream ‘high tech’.

In fact, some people might even consider sunglasses stylish. imagine that.

They weigh just 77 grams, which should make them comfortable to use for long periods of time, and each pair of glasses comes with a set of nose pads to further enhance comfort. There’s also an optional lens mount that will allow you to use your own prescription lenses when needed, saving you from having to wear your normal glasses underneath.

Coconut Air AR Glasses

When not in use, you can store the Coconut Air Glass in the included compact carrying case.

There are still unknowns around AR glasses, especially when it comes to specific smartphone compatibility.

While Nereal confirmed that the Air AR Glass will work with select Android and iOS devices when it’s announced in September 2021, EE hasn’t yet confirmed which UK models will work with the accessory – though it did list the full list. I promised.

EE hasn’t yet confirmed the cost of the specs, as well as a release date, but with the promise of a launch “later this spring,” it looks like it won’t be long until we find out. If you wish to register your interest before the launch, you can register now through the EE website.

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