Now it’s possible to track NASA satellites!

TookA NASA launch of a special kind of Google Earth: Its Eyes on Earth site provides Internet users with a representation of Earth in 3D, as well as the real-time trajectories of the US space agency’s satellites, which fuse impressively Speed ‚Äč‚Äčabove our heads.

Another major interest of the site: discovering missions to various space objects in one click, as explained by our colleagues Numerama, Saturday 20 November 2021. For example, the curious will learn that the Suomi NPP, launched into orbit ten years and 24 days ago, is a meteorological satellite that scans atmospheric changes, the evolution of the oceans, and cloud coverage, among other things. ,

“Fascinating Dive into Science”

Eyes on Earth doesn’t stop at identifying space traffic jams. Ocean levels, air temperatures, carbon monoxide concentrations… The site reveals valuable information on the state of our planet collected by several NASA satellites. “The graphics are as rich as the data, which allows for a fascinating dive into the science to better understand the planet”, welcomes the space agency on its website. Attention aspiring astronomers!

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