Niort Hospital is equipped with the latest generation surgical robots

Niort Hospital has just been furnished latest generation surgical robot, The robot consists of an ergonomic console for the surgeon and, on the patient’s side, a trolley equipped with four interactive robotic arms. The surgeon, in pairs with the nurse installed with the patient, controls the robot remotely, thanks to seven axes of mobility and a 3D vision camera.

this technique “This has the advantage of ensuring greater ease for the surgeon, greater mobility and better precision in gestures”, the hospital said in a statement. This is also a plus for the patient: “Reduction in post-operative bleeding and pain makes it possible to reduce hospital stay, as well as rapid functional improvement”The hospital continues.

A trolley equipped with four interactive robotic arms controlled by a surgeon from a console © Radio France
, photo of neoart hospital

First Intervention Wednesday, March 9

This robot can be used for a variety of surgeries: urological (removal of kidney and prostate tumors), gynecological (endometriosis, pelvic oncology) and visceral (colorectal, bariatric surgery). Niort is the hospital center The first public institution in Deux-Svres and neighboring departments – except the CHU – to be equipped with such equipment, The first intervention with this robot is scheduled for Wednesday, March 9.

Eventually, Niort’s five surgeons will be trained. There are about ten nurses in the operating room along with this technology.

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