Nick Offerman to donate comedy specialties to American Food Fund

Nick Offerman to donate comedy specialties to American Food Fund

Actress and comedian Web site He said he would donate all income from the sale of three of the comedy specialties to the American Food Fund.

Among the campaigns is a new movie called “Full Bush” shot at the Chicago Theater. The website is described as “brand spankin-new, never-before-seen publication special”, dedicated to styles in which modern Americans can only follow a lifestyle that can be described as “Full Bush.”

Fans can also buy “Summer of ’69: No Apostrophe” in collaboration with his wife Megan Mullally and the “American Ham” shot in 2014’s New York City Hall.

All three can be used to rent $ 5 or buy $ 11 or $ 11.99.

On the Offerman website, “If you rent or download any of my videos, I will donate 100% of the profit to the Food Fund of America. They provide safe food to America’s most vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

If you decide not to watch videos today, please consider donating to the American Food Fund. We are together and every dollar matters.

The American Food Fund was established in partnership with Leonardo DiCaprio, Emerson Collective, Apple and Ford Foundation to improve access to food.

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