News from Emmanuel Macron: Macron calls DROP “secondary” to the Brexit plot against Great Britain. Politics

Although the French president has taken a hostile stance towards Britain, it will have no material impact on Brexit relations with the European Union, a Conservative MP claimed. David Jones, vice-president of the European Research Group, insisted that all influence within the bloc should remain with Germany, despite Macron’s attempts to increase his power. Jones said the French president may try to use Britain as a “whip boy” ahead of next year’s local elections, but Britain would not hesitate to respond.

in conversation with, Mr Jones said: “I think most of the things you’re seeing in France these days are more likely to prove my point, which Macron is tough.

“She’s on the show.

“There’s no doubt that he either thinks U.K. is a good-skinned guy, and to some surprise, U.K. is making it clear they’re not going to be a good-skinned guy.

“So no, I think Macron will continue to do that.

“But I think it will have little effect on the situation in Britain.”

Since Britain left the European Union, tensions have risen with France over canal crossings, vaccines and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

At the same time as the EU Commission, Macron took a tough stand against Britain and even refused to hold a summit with Boris Johnson to defuse tensions.

Following the resignation of the German chancellor in September, Jones warned that the French president was trying to cement his position as the leading voice in the bloc.

“It is clear that there will be a new German chancellor in Germany, and it remains to be seen what this person looks like.

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“But I think we cannot ignore the concrete fact that Germany is the member state that generally bears the burden of the Council of the European Union.”

UK diplomats tried to hold a summit to re-route ties.

But the French officials refused to hold the meeting as they did not see any reason.

Highly placed sources in Britain now claim that French officials are now trying to “fight” with Britain.

A diplomatic source told the Times: “The government has tried to arrange a summit, but the French are not interested.

“They just said it was pointless.”

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