Netflix lawsuit against ‘when they see us’

The series, which came out in 2019, the Central Park Five, is about five black boys who were arrested in the late 1980s for raping a white woman. The teens were wrongfully convicted and spent six to 12 years in prison until the real offender confessed.

Fairstein, who was played in the series by Felicity Huffman, was not the prosecutor in the case, but at the time headed OM’s sexual assault unit in Manhattan. Some of her complaints about the series were dismissed by the judge, but she pointed to five scenes where she could file a case. These are pieces from a series in which she abuses leaving evidence, displays racist behavior and tapes that make it clear that she forced the five into false confessions.

Netflix and director DuVernay responded to Feierstein’s complaints that things were exaggerated to help clarify the story, but the judge ruled that “the average viewer can conclude that These views are factual and not only reflect the opinion of the makers on controversial historical events”.

Feuerstein claims that after the series was published, he lost a book deal and had to resign from the board of a university. At the same time, she also points out that during that time there were constant attacks on her on social media.

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