Netflix converts to spatial audio

Netflix appears to finally support spatial audio in its iOS app. Depending on the content you’re watching, when you go to the volume controls in Control Center, you’ll have either the “Spatial Audio” indicator activated, or the “Convert to Spatial Stereo” prompt. The latter is associated with iOS 15, the next system will try to restore the spatial sound uniformity on content that is not natively suitable.

Multi-channel content on Netflix activates spatial audio

The interface also outlines that, in the first case, the audio track is played in multichannel and in the second it is a simple stereo.

Stereo content enables forced conversion

In theory, you need to make sure that you have installed the update for the Netflix app that was released two days ago. Movies that are too old, or haven’t been refreshed, such as goons For example iOS 15’s forced conversion mode is dealt with (if you’re on iOS 14, you won’t notice any difference). Others would benefit from spatialization (reminders of the equipment needed for spatial audio).

a rumor ofiphonesoft Last February it was assured that Netflix is ​​working on this support for localization. The US service was denied but the site maintained its tip. Obviously things have gone in the right direction.

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