Mouthwash With Betadine Is “Ineffective” And Dangerous

Treat or prevent covid-19 by mouthwash with Betadine Antiseptic Solution? After hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, there is now an alternative “treatment” advocated by anti-vaccine activists on social networks.

It all started with a video from Thailand from April. In televised interviews, a certain Dr. Toranas Kretaitong assured live that it was possible to strengthen his immunity against Covid-19 infection by gargling with povidone iodine, the active principle of the antiseptic solution known as betadine. “Normally, when the virus enters our nose and mouth, it travels to the bronchi and lungs. The important thing is to ‘roar'”, then assured the doctor, before saying “It can prevent COVID-19 from entering your lungs in your mouth. Those who are not yet infected with COVID-19 should do so”.

no effectiveness against covid-19

A few months later, the video reached American Antivax, who have since recommended the practice on the social network. The scale of the incident is such that Everio Health, the company that markets Betadine in the Atlantic, reacted on its website.

In its frequently asked questions (FAQs), the laboratory maintains that the antiseptic has no effect against the coronavirus and hence “Can only be used to treat minor cuts, burns or scrapes (…) Betadine has not been shown to be effective as a treatment or prevention for COVID-19 or any other virus”.

Fever, nausea, risk of vomiting…

In addition to being ineffective against viruses, betadine mouthwashes can be hazardous to health. Used to clean skin and wounds, this antiseptic and antifungal in its classic version is not intended to be swallowed. Toxic, betadine can cause fever, headache, nausea, even severe vomiting. There is also a diluted version to treat a mild sore throat that shouldn’t even be drunk. In case of ingestion, it is advisable to contact the doctor without delay.

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