MotoGP 22, Available April 21!

The official MotoGP game will be released on April 21, with a slew of new features, available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

The game continues the legacy of the franchise with exciting new features. Season 2009 is a brand new game mode that lets you relive one of the most spectacular seasons in MotoGP history.

You’ll be able to enjoy the original docu-film narrated by Mark Neill, the director of the best MotoGP documentaries, featuring over 50 minutes of original images from the 2009 season. But you will not be an ordinary spectator! In fact, the outcome of the race will be in your hands through challenges to experience the most important moments in your own way. Make history by joining legendary pilots like Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa, Casey Stoner or Jorge Lorenzo!

This year, the new features will be available for beginners or those who just want to hone their style and bring their machine to perfection. Thanks to tutorials and the new MotoGP Academy, everyone can become a champion!

The reworked tutorial is a series of short game sessions with custom rules. In this way, players will learn the basics and can feel more confident on their motorcycle. The MotoGP™ Academy will teach you the best ways to improve your riding style and accelerate on each circuit using specific challenges, focusing on electronics, tire wear or re-brake temperature.

The adaptive difficulty system will help players with on-screen prompts to suggest the best way to adapt and change the game’s difficulty according to their abilities. For example, he might recommend lowering the difficulty if players don’t win certain challenges or activating help in case of too many falls. They may also suggest following a tire wear tutorial if they cross the finish line with bad tires. These messages appear at the end of the race and players are completely free to follow these recommendations or not.

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Many improvements for MotoGP 22

The game has benefited from improvements in several aspects:

  • A level of realism never seen before with new face animations, but also reimagined 3D characters and potholes.
  • Height Adjustment System: Players will be able to manually adjust the RHD’s locking mechanism and control the compression of the bike’s suspension.
  • Improved circuits to make better use of the vehicle, especially their surface.
  • A reworked suspension system.
  • Brake and tire temperatures are now affected by player and AI slipstreams.
  • Tire deformation is much more realistic.

Managerial Career Mode is back, offering players the possibility to create their own team or join existing ones to manage all the different aspects of their strategy, such as the development of a bike or staff that will support the rider. In addition, they will be able to customize the MotoGP season, choosing which Grand Prix they want to compete against from any racing calendar.

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