“Morocco is a stronghold to attack Algeria,” says MSP chief

The leaders of the Algerian party have in turn condemned the state’s political line. Following the exit of Abdelkader Bengarina, head of the Al Bina movement, it is the turn of his former “brother” Abdrazak Makri, secretary of the Society for Peace Movement (MSP), to follow suit.

Invited last night by the El Bilad channel to present the main lines of its Islamic formation’s election program for the anticipated June 12 legislative elections, Makri condemned the resumption of relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv . “Now Morocco is a stronghold to attack Algeria. This should be clearly stated. This is a dangerous step in the history of the region,” he said.

On this occasion, Makri reiterated his call for the creation of a Maghreb federation without Morocco. “Take the example of the European Union, they started with a bunch of states and then went on to expand it to other countries. Let’s build the Arab Maghreb with Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania without Morocco”, Islamist and by concluding that “it is up to the Moroccan people to change their positions” if they wish, of course, to Rachad Ghanouchi, the irrevocable leader of the Tunisian Islamists of the Maghreb of Makri and the Ennahda. to integrate

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