Moroccan exports have increased by 40% since January 2021

The British Embassy in Morocco revealed on Sunday that Moroccan agri-food sector exports to the United Kingdom have increased by almost 40% since January 2021.

Moroccan exports to the UK mainly consist of sardines, tomatoes and fruit canes, which accounted for 32.8% of total UK imports from Morocco in the year 2020, recalls the embassy on its Twitter account.

The West Midlands County imported goods from Morocco totaling 130 million pounds (about 1.6 billion dirhams), or 22.6% of total imports, while the country of Wales contributed the largest number of goods exported to Morocco at 83 million total. pounds (about 1 billion dirhams), or 19.1% of exports, adds the embassy.

It should be noted that Morocco is bound by an association agreement with the United Kingdom, which includes the same benefits offered by the association agreement between Morocco and the European Union.

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