More than 3.8 million cases and 47,500 deaths were recorded worldwide last week

“More than 3.8 million cases of Covid-19 and 47,500 deaths linked to the new coronavirus were recorded worldwide last week,” the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday, noting that “the weekly incidence of Covid-19 cases reaches Has been. Plateau “.

“With approximately 3.8 million new confirmed cases, this figure is similar to the previous week,” the United Nations World Health Agency said in its latest epidemiological bulletin (week of 22-28 November 2021).

However, the number of new weekly deaths fell by 10% over the past seven days compared to the previous week, with more than 47,500 new deaths, the WHO said.

New weekly deaths decreased by 36% and 8% in the US and Eastern Mediterranean regions, respectively, and increased by 26% and 7% in the Southeast Asian and African regions, respectively. The number of new deaths was similar to the previous week in the European and Western Pacific regions.

On contamination, Africa, the Western Pacific and Europe reported increases in new weekly cases of 93%, 24% and 7%, respectively. According to the WHO, the increase in infections in the African region is “mainly due to batch notification of antigen tests by South Africa last week, and therefore trends should be interpreted with caution”.

At the same time, the Americas and Southeast Asia recorded a decrease of 24% and 11%, respectively. The incidence of cases in the eastern Mediterranean remained stable, with figures similar to the previous week.

Under these conditions, the United States (464,800 new cases; a 31% decrease), Germany (406,754 new cases; an increase of 22%), the United Kingdom (304,374 new cases; an 8% increase), Russia (239,215 new cases) ; a decrease of 8%) and France (190,402 new cases; an increase of 62%).

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Overall, the European continent has continued to record an increase in cases since the beginning of October 2021. With over 2.6 million new cases being reported this week, it is a 7% increase over the previous week.

According to the WHO, 23 of the 61 countries in the region (38%) reported a more than 10% increase in new weekly cases. But just over a third of all new cases continue to be reported by three countries: Germany (406,754 new cases; an increase of 22%), the United Kingdom (304,374 new cases; an increase of 8%) and Russia (239,215 new cases). ) ; 8% reduction).

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