Morbius, the first opinion on the film has fallen!

We have less than a week left from the theatrical release of Morbius and fans are more eager than ever to see the film. It must be said that amid the missteps and production delays, the blockbuster was long overdue, but 1er April finally seems right for Morbius!

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However, a lucky few got a chance to discover the film in preview during a private screening in the United Kingdom. The first reaction to Morbius has thus fallen… and unfortunately for Sonny and Jared Leto, opinions on the film aren’t great.

Fans Are (Very) Disappointed

Since Morbius has been around for so long, some fans had high hopes for the film. Maybe too much? Well, those who were able to preview the feature film said that they were really disappointed with what they saw. As reported by Screen Rant, opinions are the same: that the special effects are poor, but above all that the film lacks consistency. “Bad plot and messy CGI, confusing editing and worst sound mix result in complete inconsistency”Film critic @RenGeekness said without gloves.

Others made fun of Morbius’ post-credits scenes, saying they served absolutely no purpose. Collider’s Sub Astley didn’t mince words, he got a . said “The Worst Post-Credits Scene You’ve Ever Seen”, Sonny, Jared Leto, but especially has to worry fans of Morbius, one of Spider-verse’s best villains/heroes.

Morbius and the SSU in danger?

Even though these earlier impressions of Morbius may not reflect all fans and viewers (who have not yet seen the film), they are still concerned for the future of feature film. These opinions might actually deter some people who would then be tempted to boycott the film in the cinema. And if Morbius ever flops at the box office, it could jeopardize the future of Sony’s Spider-Verse (SSU). It’s no secret now that the company is actively building its own franchise of superheroes, or rather, anti-heroes belonging to the crowded universe of Spider-Man.

A movie about Craven the Hunter is already in the works. Sony Pictures also plans a third installment for Venom, but also a film on Madame Web. It remains to be seen whether all these projects stay on track in case Morbius fails to convince the public. case to follow.

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