Montauban. 30th anniversary of Fte de la Science celebrated at Lizzie Capous

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Science Festival, Lizzie Agricole Capou-Montouban hosted Matthew Pougat from the “Science Comedy Show” on Thursday, October 14th.

A group of researchers who had the great idea to approach with humour, foresight and move the universe of the scientific field by offering delicious sketches full of light and meaning.

Matthew Pougat’s intervention in front of the students took place in two phases: first the general and technical second classes, as well as the professional second class “Services to the People and the Regions” met by artist researcher in the high school amphitheater.

Matthew, “A Peddler of Science”

An opportunity to conduct an exchange and an animation on the daily life of a scientist. Thus he proposed a didactic quiz on the ideas obtained in science, which was highly appreciated by the students.

Then, from noon to all classes, Matthew Pogett turns into a “science peddler” in front of the establishment’s volunteer service for 30 minutes.

He challenges high school students to share anecdotes that mix science, movies and series through a card game designed and built to make them think about science and question themselves in a fun way. It aimed to arouse wonder, challenge youth and create a privileged moment of sharing and dialogue around the same curiosity, common passion: scientific discovery and a propensity to wonder.

The intervention with the students was a resounding success: “It was truly brilliant”, underlines one of them, still under the spell of this approach to the world of science, which is not very academic, but in which one day There will be time, marked spirits in high school.

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