Montana man arrested for lifting Ten Commandments monument

Montana man arrested for lifting Ten Commandments monument

Montana police, according to reports, arrested a man who said a court had lowered the Ten Commandments monument with a chain and a van.

KHQ reported that Anthony Weimer was found guilty of the crime he committed after the incident in Kalispell on Saturday.

Police said the callers responded after seeing a man wearing a chain in a van before taking the monument to the street on the grounds of the Flathead County Courthouse.

According to the station, he was then said to have collected the chain before the man got on the collector.

The officers then found the truck, found the suspect, and arrested him according to the station.

Police said they did not know what triggered the vandalism action.

Online records show that Weimer had the court appearance on Monday.

The Associated Press reported in 2011 that the Kalispell City Council was asked to have six statues containing historical texts from the Statute and the Declaration of Rights and Independence in the court building. The monuments together created the “cornerstone of law” exhibition.

The council rejected it because it was afraid of a lawsuit on the separation of the Church and state areas in the First Amendment.

The EP reported that the Order of the Eagles ordered the Ten Commandments to Flathead County in 1950. At that time, he was put in front of the courthouse.

The group took over again before 2011, when monuments became the target of a legal challenge.

Workers then moved the monument to the southwest corner of the courthouse during a courthouse renovation.

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Associated Press contributed to this report.

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