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Ten tips and advice have been recommended by the National Agency for Information and Communications Technology to prevent many citizens from falling prey to Such scams.

it starts with ” Always check the source of SMS » what we get, For To ensure their authenticity by going through the fact” Never enter a PIN code to validate transactions without verifying the origin” Antique continues.

According to Antique, privacy has to be given to the user “to Share your PIN » with someone. In this universe where faith does not exclude unbelief, it is always pointed out” to call the person to whom you intend to send money” it first” to transact”,

Other points set by the National Agency for Information and Communications Technology: ” Switch off the phone and restart it when you receive a command prompt for verification of withdrawals from unknown sources, when in doubt, visit the nearest mobile office, if you receive a call from someone who makes such a claim, claim potential rewards Don’t be in a hurry to do it. ,

Finally, the agency recommends that users install in their telephone Anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware software. they need too check regularly Their account balance and transaction history , to conduct financial transactions carefully and safely.

Users, not expressly informed of this initiative by l’Antic, acknowledge that ” Evolved Small Technology » To avoid mobile transaction scams.

, Whenever I receive this type of message I make sure to assure myself that the operator is mentioned above the message” Yonde informs Alvier Letitia, who works at a beauty institute in the city.

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For others, like Joseph, a motorcycle taxi driver, several cases of scams have led him to ” Shut down his mobile account.”

In Cameroon, facing a resurgence of user complaints, the authorities, together with the operators of mobile transactions, opted to strengthen a “. Reprogramming Systems » and on ” identification process.

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