Missouri students retreat with George Floyd’s death retreating

Missouri students retreat with George Floyd's death retreating

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Two Missouri university students retreating, participating in a video taunting the killing of George Floyd.

Students had to join the University of Missouri and Missouri State University in the fall before joining a video where they seemed to simulate each other’s drowning. He hears a student saying, “I can’t breathe.”

The University of Missouri, which was shaken by racial protests in 2015, immediately launched a civil rights investigation and led to a student canceling their enrollment, according to reports from the Columbia Daily Tribune.

“The video is both shocking and disturbing, given the similarity to George Floyd’s last death in Minneapolis,” said Mun Choi, president of the University of Missouri University and MU temporary chancellor, Mun campus, in an email to the campus community.

Choi wrote that he started meeting with members of the Legion of Black Collegians and Missouri Students Association. Black students and alumni at MU went to Twitter using the hashtag #BlackatMizzou to write about their negative experience of being black on campus.

“University leaders and I are determined to combat all forms of discrimination and racism,” Choi wrote.

In addition to the student featured in the video, Missouri State University said that another student who used an aggressive racial slurry in social media broadcasts also withdrew.

“Many expressed anger and disbelief in the nature and tone of the painful social media broadcasts,” MSU President Clif Smart said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Smart said that students who are white and female prefer to withdraw after “realizing the impact of the video and social media post”.

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