Minneapolis school management cancels city police contract

Minneapolis school management cancels city police contract

The Minneapolis school administration unanimously voted to terminate the city’s contract with the police department regarding the killing of George Floyd.

Minneapolis Public Schools will stop negotiations with the police department, and the auditor will be responsible for preparing a new plan to keep schools safe with a meeting next month.

“I value people, education and life,” said Kim Ellison, chairman of the school board. Interview with Star Tribune. “Now I’m convinced that we don’t have the same values ​​based on the actions of the Minneapolis Police Department.”

The department previously provided “school resource officers” to public schools. Kimberly Caprini, another school board member, added that she believed “being police in schools is not completely natural”.

Floyd died on Remembrance Day after Officer Derek Chauvin was shot in a video kneeling around his neck during the arrest. His transition led to anger and demonstrations in cities across the country.

The school board vote follows actions from the University of Minnesota, which announced last week that the city would significantly limit its relations with police force.

Minneapolis Public Schools Officer Ed Graff said security changes will be made in September to begin the next school year.

“The MPS leadership team and I are committed to drafting a plan to support the safety of MPS students and staff in the next school year by 18 August 2020 of the Board’s decision” Graff said in a statement.

“We are looking forward to involving students, staff and families throughout the summer.”

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