Minister shows his caution on Macron’s timetable

On Sunday, on the calendar mentioned by the President on 31 March, several members of the executive were questioned by various media. All depend on the development of epidemics and vaccination.

Big or small, caution is caution. Guest of Political question On information from France this Sunday, Jean-Michel Blancre used the term in connection with the reopening of schools, which was scheduled in early May. Can this deadline be postponed?

“Generally, no! (…) We are always obliged to take precautions since this crisis began,” the Minister of National Education responded with a smile.

This is because, like the French, the government has gone through this a year earlier. With the epidemic and its dangers, it is becoming almost impossible for our leaders to use the term “locking things up”, a widely used term in the political arena. The reopening of the bars, restaurants and cultural venues, mentioned by Emanuel Macron on Wednesday evening, goes for another deadline. To say that everyone is looking forward to it would be an understanding.

“Must be able to project yourself”

However, in his speech, the head of state noted the schedule, taking necessary language precautions. “We are going to create a reopening calendar for culture, sports, leisure, events, our cafes and restaurants between mid-May and early summer”, he promised on 31 March.

Logically, the concrete translation of the sentence was questioned, with members of the government invited to the television set on Sunday. On the microphone Great meeting Europe 1 /Echoes/ CNews, Marlène Schiappa praised the fact that Emanuel Macron “gives a point of view, even if it is predictable and even if it is far away”.

“If people feel they are escaping the virus and going to luxury underground restaurants and others going to a carnival, it may take longer. But if everyone continues to follow the measures, Just as’ most French people are doing. From the beginning, we can fulfill this purpose, which is a shared purpose, “developed the minister responsible for citizenship.”

In other words, it is up to the French to allow the executive to respect its boundaries. Meanwhile, Marley Schiappa says “we need to be able to make something positive ourselves”.

“I don’t want to get lost in guessing, but improving health conditions also depends on our collective ability to comply with health measures,” she added all the same.

“be ready”

His counterpart to Bursi, Bruno Le Mayer, produced the same story during his time Grand Jury RTL /Le Figaro/ Lci. “I will not make any commitments on the calendar, but we know that it is a matter of one week,” the Minister of Economy and Finance said.

“It is the state of health and the development of vaccination that will set the schedule. But I think it is healthy, responsible, as the President of the Republic did, if only from one point of view. A calendar set for psychological approaches, Do. French, a calendar for restaurants, “he said again.

Will the event go according to plan? “It forces all of us to work,” said Bruno Le Mayer as he began assessing the circumstances to rejoin SME Minister, Alan Grisat and Secretary of State for Digital, Cedric O. . The key word, it has to be guessed “, judges Bursi’s master.

“I will disappoint you and would like to be honest and consistent rather than selling confusion to the French. We have an appointment in mid-May. In mid-May, we will take stock of the state of health and the development of vaccinations. If sanitary conditions in mid-May “We will see what kind of activities can resume,” he added cautiously.

Can the French consider looking at some of the roofs that reopen in time for the Ascension Bridge? “I hope it will be possible, but I cannot make any commitment,” concluded Bruno Le Mayer. careful.

Jules Pecknard BFMTV Correspondent

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