Microsoft unveils new customized accessories

Microsoft launched its Inclusive Tech Lab, an incubator that creates new assistive devices to give people with disabilities better access to technology. It promises new accessibility features in the coming months…

on the occasion of 12And Microsoft Capability Summit, an event bringing together individuals and companies dedicated to the inclusion and accessibility of people with disabilities since 2010, Microsoft Unveiled its Inclusive Technology Laboratory (or Inclusive Technical Laboratory) in early May 2022, whose mission is to envision and build more inclusive products and experiences. He defines himself as a hatching machine of specialization, including Demonstration of accessible hardware, software and services For example, they have created a new ecosystem of easy-to-use accessories that allow people who have difficulty using traditional mice and keyboards to get the most out of their PCs and their applications. Composed of three main elements that can be 3D printed, these accessories are tailored to suit everyone’s needs (as opposed to the video, shown in English).

new features

In addition, new accessibility features will be available soon.” in the coming months “, specifies the sign, but windows 11, Edge And xboxcomplement those provided by windows 11 When it launches in the fall of 2021. target? , Make usage more responsive and flexible. ,
, focus mode : Designed to help people with ADHD (with or without Attention Deficit Disorder) stay focused by limiting distractions and mental fatigue.
, live caption : Automatically transcribes any audio content windows For deaf and hard of hearing people.
, voice access : Allows you to control your PC and create content in any application using your voice.
, natural narrator : State-of-the-art speech synthesis equipped with natural voices, able to respond quickly, even without an internet connection.

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In 2018, the brand launchedxbox adaptive control For all gamers with recreational difficulties (article in the link below). At the end of 2021, adaptive surface was born; Created in partnership with people with disabilities (blind, visually impaired or with reduced mobility), this kit includes key labels, bump labels, port indicators…

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