Michelle Cymes 4 Tips for Balanced Diet without Depriving Yourself

How to eat well, without depriving yourself? This is the kind of question that some may ask themselves before heading to the table. We try to differentiate our menu, avoid snacking, place bets on “green” foods … but, it’s not always easy.

Not only imprisonment and curfew with everyoneOur eating habits are put to the test. When working remotely, we can dig into a packet of sweets or salty snacks at any time, without taking real time to get some fresh air or play sports (outdoor).

So how i Change your diet To eat healthy, in front of your fridge or without bothering to shop? Michelle Cymes gives you 4 tips to get thereR. Enjoy your meal time, off a screen, (re) learn to take care of your sleep and change your shopping list Low calorie products.

1. Pay attention to foods that lead to satiety

You have to be smart. If you have a big fork in winter, you need Satisfying foods. Yes, it is: There are foods that take longer to digest than others and that make you feel full faster. If you make them a small place on the shopping list, you will not regret it. So do favor Apples, lentils and buckwheat. Obviously, just don’t eat. But if you just think about keeping them in your diet, you will see results at the end of winter.

2. Avoid stress by taking care of your sleep

If you think you are eating too much, then there is a reason. Food hosts feelings, Especially stress, and if you look at your profile, you will know what you need to do to change it. To take action against this incident, we must first reduce stress in all directions! For this, we recommend a three-step manual. First, I ask myself the sleep question. Fact, If I don’t get at least seven hours of sleep a night, I’m putting myself in danger. In fact, the more you sleep, the less stressed you are. Especially since we sleep less, we secrete more Ghrelin, another hormone that increases appetite.

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3. Stimulate the feeling of hunger and satiety

To eat, wait until you feel the need. Our body knows how to explain itself by sending signals in the form of rumbling or fatigue. Then, once you sit down, make sure not to go too fast. In addition, it is necessary that you are Focus on what you are doing, In this case you feed! So forget about the food with a screen near the plate and then pay attention to the texture and taste of what you swallow. Chew treated. And when you think you’re full, don’t overdo it.

4. Choose low-calorie products

The idea is to avoid extra pounds. And for that, there is a simple rule in general: if I swallow more calories than I burn, my weight increases. It is designed for what we eat and it is designed for what we drink. If you want something sweet, prefer fruit squeezed in industrial fruit juice, even if still Eating lump fruit is better Instead of suppressing it. Because a squeezed orange represents about 90 calories. If you go for an industrial soup, you’re flirting with 200 calories. If you make it with seasonal vegetables, you drop about 30 calories. There is no need to elaborate on the best choice.

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