Mexico temporarily forbids workers from traveling to Canada due to coronavirus

“This is a temporary pause to determine the conditions surrounding the security conditions on farms,” ​​said Oscar Mora, spokesman for the Mexican embassy in Ottawa.

Mexico travel and coronavirus: everything you need to know

Every year, more than 60,000 migrant workers go to Canada to work seasonally in the agricultural industry. A temporary ban means that up to 5,000 Mexican workers are currently waiting to come to Canada.

On behalf of the Mexican Government, Ambassador Juan Jose Gomez Camacho was in daily contact with the Canadian government to try and understand why and how hundreds of Mexican workers were infected weeks after completing the 14-day mandatory quarantine. said Mora, in Canada.

CNN confirmed that two migrant workers from Mexico have died in the past few weeks and dozens of workers have been treated in the hospital.

Congested conditions in the shared housing and packaging facilities and greenhouses on farms contributed to the spread of viruses and accepted the local health unit in Windsor, Essex, Ontario, where the death occurred.

The state of Ontario was the hardest hit of the outbreaks, and the prime minister said on Monday that no one should hold immigrant workers responsible for getting sick.

“They have come here, insulated themselves for two weeks, and have taken them ever since they came here,” Prime Minister Doug Ford said. Said. “I don’t want a finger pointing at these hard-working immigrant workers. They’re good people, they mean good, and they’re hard workers.”

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