Mary Trump: President says his nephew has signed a confidentiality agreement to publish the book

Mary Trump, the daughter of the President’s nephew and late brother Fred Trump Jr., wrote a book described as “the enlightening, authoritarian portrait of the toxic family that made Donald J. Trump and her.” According to the book’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, the book will be released on July 28.

“He’s not allowed to write books,” said Trump. Axios in an interview Friday. “You know, when we settle with him and his brother, with whom I have a good relationship – I have a brother Fred with whom I have a good relationship, but when we settle, he has a total … signed a privacy signature.”

Simon & Schuster declined to comment on Sunday evening. CNN had previously reached Mary Trump for comment.

Trump has dealt with a few annoying depictions of his presidency, written by former employees, including a book that will soon be published by former national security adviser John Bolton. Mary Trump’s book is the first family member to criticize the President.

Daily Monster He first reported in Mary Trump’s “Too Much and Never Enough” and reported to 2001 that he had signed a confidentiality agreement resulting from the lawsuit referring to people who objected to Fred Mump Sr.’s property and knew the subject.
Referring to people who know the subject, the Daily Beast reported that Mary Trump explained in her book that it was the primary source New York Times” The 2018 investigation that found Trump helped “escape his parents’ tax” in the 1990s, including “open fraud cases” that allowed him to accumulate a fortune from them.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Friday that the president’s nephew has not read the upcoming book.

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According to the book’s description, Mary Trump tells her uncle Fred Trump Sr about how his uncle “rejected and mocked” when he started “succumbing to Alzheimer’s”.

In an interview with President Axios, he described the allegations as “completely wrong”.

“This is completely wrong, and vice versa,” he said. “In fact, just the opposite. I’ve always had a very good relationship. I didn’t know you were saying that. It’s a shame.”

This story has been updated with additional context.

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