Man died in hospital after relatives without ventilator attached for air conditioner

According to reports, a suspected COVID-19 patient in India was allegedly unplugged his relatives’ ventilator to use air conditioning in a sweltering hospital.

An unidentified patient, a 40-year-old man at Maharao Bhimsingh Hospital in Kota, northern India, was admitted to the intensive care unit on June 13th, because the doctors believed he had contracted the error. Indian Express reports.

Two days later, as another intensive care unit patient tested positive for the coronavirus, the man was transferred to an isolation ward as a safety measure.

According to the report, the boy’s relatives were reported to have increased daytime temperatures to 106 degrees and bought an air conditioner in the hospital and unplugged the ventilator before allegedly finding an open socket to cool the room.

Hospital staff disabled the air conditioners on the unit to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, Vice News reports.

The ventilator had a spare battery, but the boy’s relatives did not tell the doctors or nurses that they had not unplugged, the medical chief at the state-run hospital told the outlet.

Navin Saxena says an investigation has been launched into the incident.

“We have set up a committee to provide a report detailing what is happening with the hospital vice-manager, nursing manager, isolation ward staff, and chief health worker,” Saxena told the Vice President.

Approximately 30 minutes after the ventilator’s battery was unplugged, it ran out of power and ran the man’s family to the help of employees who gave CPR but couldn’t revive it.

The man’s cause of death will also be included in the hospital report. Saxena tested negative for COVID-19 after her death.

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The temperature reached 106 degrees in Kota on June 15. Vice News reported that no official complaints were made with the local police regarding the incident.

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