Maitland Niles Day. He can be a starter against Juventus

Maitland Niles is a player of Roma, Giallorossi club certified it yesterday morning Submitting deal with Arsenal in Lega (Half a million for a loan, half a bonus, no redemption rights). He had already done so before the British boarded a plane flagged off at Luton Airport, a private flight to Rome. where he arrived, Ciampino airport, a few minutes after sixteen, With Roberto De Fantique, FIFA agent (former sports director of .) Sunderland and a pinch roma fan) and was greeted by the usual crowd of microphones Registrare the inevitable force Rome. instead of nothing, only pictures, because Maitland Niles to this day, When Roma will formalize their engagement with a press release, as Romanist did not have the green light to say the first word.

This way even better because in these circumstances the words are always the same, come on Roma, I’m happy to be here as Roma called me, I had no doubt to say yes, I want to give my best, I hope to win a trophy in yellow and red and so on. after all Winger (and midfielder too) The Englishman had a very busy day in Rome yesterday. Actually, he didn’t go to Trigoria (he will appear this morning) because the first mandatory stop was to be in province For the question of work permit. Before leaving England, Maitland went to the Niles Italian Consulate To fill out the first permit application document required of an Englishman since the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Community. The second part of these documents was then to be completed in Italy.

And the work had to be done quickly, because only if you have a regular work permit, The player will be able to make himself available to Mourinho for tomorrow’s match at the Olympico against Juventus. Only not available. Because if he can play, then how Is quite likely As far as we know, it is Most likely Mourinho will send him to the pitch since the first minute karsdorpy They would have to follow a stop session due to a disqualification round after two yellow cards were taken by them in Milan. For Maitland Niles it would be a Not a bad baptism against Juventus, A first test in which, with all the limitations of not knowing any of his teammates, he has to begin by explaining to us whether he can be a useful player for Roma, both now and in the future. English after the prefecture yesterday Also stayed at Villa Stuart for the second part of the medical examination, He later moved to the hotel in Colombo that would host him in his early Roman days. was in the evening Join Tiago Pinto.

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