“Live or be alive?” : Aude (Love is in the meadow) At worst, the alarm of her crying …

Anger roars. On Instagram, audFarmer revealed in the thirteenth season love is in the meadow In 2018, shared his troubles with over 25,000 loyal customers. This Brittany dairy cow breeder is on the verge of facing a volatile situation. In the story and post, she explains and pushes herself Condemn,

This is an interview with Letitia, a farmer who decided to sell his farm in order to be able to “start living“, which pisses off the beautiful Aude. The one who leaves the world of agriculture points to a very high workload and therefore a lack of income. A testimony that speaks to a former participant in the program dating From M6 “When you see an article on a goat breeder whose cheese is given … who stops and changes professions, you know that breeders are slaves to our world”, he laments.

And the odds don’t stop here. The show shares the opinion of Letitia, the younger Luanne (aged 7) and mother of Raphael (age 2), born out of her love with her boyfriend Christopher. ,Many people feel this including me! Continue or stop, survive or survive? All this because Leclerc (very good at com!) and the company refused to reduce their margins…, she regrets it. Only supermarkets will explode their profits. Whether it is dairy products, vegetables (canned or frozen), meat … that the shortage has started, even if it is not yet visible in the stalls, and it will affect the whole world.,

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