Libya: UN Security Council extends mission until January 31

The United Nations Security Council on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution to extend its political mission in Libya to January 31.

The extension is intended to allow the United Nations Organization to continue supporting the transitional government of Libya.

The 15 members of the council should have automatically extended the Manul mission for almost a year in mid-September, especially for the Libyan presidential election to be held on 24 December, which was intended to turn the page of a dozen. .

But Russia threatened to use its veto, then rejected the text drawn up by the United Kingdom, refused language on the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign troops from Libya, and the future of the UN envoy.

Facing interruptions, the Security Council was forced to extend Manul’s mandate, technically by 15 days, until 30 September, in order to allow more time for negotiations between Moscow and London, but without consequence.

At the end of an emergency meeting of the five permanent members of the Council (the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom and France), the Council ended its adoption of the second technical extension of the Manul, which expired on 31 January.

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