Law enforcement choose up a penguin from village road in Nottinghamshire just after farmyard escape | Offbeat Information

Police said the bird was very friendly and was happy to pose for some photos

A helpful penguin was spotted “plodding” up a Nottinghamshire village avenue in the early several hours of the early morning.

Law enforcement officers came throughout the distinctive chicken final weekend as they have been on patrol in Strelley, west of Nottingham.

Revealing information of the strange come across for the initially time on Sunday, Nottinghamshire Law enforcement said the “welcoming” Humboldt penguin was spotted getting a stroll and subsequently questioned by officers.

They reported they “immediately moved to issue him on what he was doing strolling in the middle of the street”.

Law enforcement spotted the penguin although on patrol in Strelley, Nottinghamshire

The cheeky chappie experienced escaped from a farm enclosure about a mile absent, law enforcement reported, and officers made the decision to nickname him “Po-Po”.

Personal computer Gareth Philp explained: “We see some pretty appealing matters while out on patrol, but a penguin walking up the middle of the highway has to be a single of the far more strange results we have appear across.

“We nicknamed him Po-Po.

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“He posed for some pictures with us and he was quite welcoming with our officers even though we created call with his operator.

“He was then safely returned property.”

Neighbourhood Inspector Gordon Fenwick extra: “Our officers are trained to offer with a wide range of incidents with complex demands and it is wonderful that we promptly reunited the penguin with their proprietor.”

Officers named the penguin Po-Po
Officers named the penguin Po-Po

According to DEFRA, you can only keep a wild fowl if it was taken lawfully, that means under licence or if it was taken from the wild and has been saved as it is unfit to be produced back again into the wild.

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You do not need to have a licence to hold a wild chook, but you can be prosecuted and may possibly have to pay out an unrestricted fine if you are not able to verify the fowl was taken legally.

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