Labor refuses to question Brexit

Labor leader Keir Starmer at the European Reform Center in London clarified his party’s position on Brexit on Monday. Leon Neal / Getty Images via AFP

Labor boss Keir Starmer says he will not try to rejoin the EU.

correspondent in london

no turning back. After years of creating ambiguity, Labor has clarified its position on Brexit. In a serious tactical change, Labor boss Keir Starmer said on Monday he would not question Britain’s exit from the European Union if his party came to power. This will happen “The Recipe for More Partitions”he explained. “Brexit means Brexit”, Could he have said in the words of Theresa May…

For the leader of the British opposition, once Brexitier is in place, the country will not be able to move forward if it continues to question its democratic options. “If you constantly focus on past controversies, you cannot move forward, grow as a country, regain the trust of people who have lost faith in politics.” He said during a speech to the think-tank Center for European Reform. “Under a Labor government, the UK will not return to the EU. We will not join…

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