Kovid, United Kingdom will gain herd immunity in a few days: “Fundamental milestone”

Britain will regain herd immunity on 12 April. This is the result of a prediction made by University College London, which measured the percentage of people protected by the virus: It should reach 73.4% in a few days. In particular, more than 31 million people have been vaccinated in the UK today. A result that allows a country that has separated itselfEurope Soon to be back to normal.

Vaccines cancel Kovid

“It’s like a chain reaction – UCL professor Carl Friston comments for Sky News -. If you remove the possibility of transferring the virus from one person to another, it dies». But Friston warns: “If we do not respect restrictive measures for contagion, we will soon go above the threshold of positive cases and the virus will explode again”. In fact, herd immunity is also linked to Measures to overcome the infection, such as social disturbances, will be explained.

Original state

For Britain, it is a milestone in the fight against the virus. «An excellent goal – added Friston – which shows how things went the way they were planned». And this can lead to death as well as hospitalization to treat Kovid.

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