Kovid, Johnson: ‘Britain has not blocked a single vaccine’

The London – Brussels clash over anti-Kovid vaccines continues. The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, during the Question Hour on Wednesday in the House of Commons, once again dismissed the allegations of Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, according to which the European Union is entitled to stop the export of vaccines produced. The same would have already happened in his area since Britain.
The British chief said, “The UK has not blocked a single Kovid vaccine or vaccine component.” “We are against nationalism on vaccines in all forms,” ​​Johnson said, with the European Council President withdrawing his statement.
During his speech, the British premier then claimed the merits of his government at the pace of the anti-British Kovid vaccination campaign, which had so far been vaccinated by around 22.5 million people in the country.

Brussels spokesman’s response


Kovid in Italy and the world, the latest news of 10 March. Evident

In response, spokesman Eric Mammer was quoted from the PA agency as Brussels, stating that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had given “some time ago” assurance to Johnson in a direct interview on the fact that “the United Kingdom has No measures have been taken regarding the supply of vaccines to the European Union. “The Brussels spokesman’s statements were interpreted by British media as behind the claims of Charles Mitchell for allegedly blocking the export of Kovid vaccines produced in the United Kingdom. Has been done.
In the context of the allegations leveled by Mitchell, Mameer limited himself by stating that the Commission “does not comment on the words of others” and that in general “the situation about the export of vaccines” 27 “a great concern” Raises.

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Kovid vaccine: EU and Great Britain clash

The clash, as previously mentioned, ignited following the charge leveled against Great Britain by Charles Mitchell. The president of the European Council yesterday, on 9 March, accused the country of “imposing a complete ban on the export of vaccines or components of vaccines produced on its territory”.
According to what was learned from the BBC, Boris Johnson’s government quickly dismissed the European Council President’s allegations, calling for an EU diplomatic representative in London for “further discussion”.
In a letter addressed to Mitchell, the British Foreign Minister, Dominic Raab, called it “a completely inaccurate reference to the UK export ban or any ban on vaccines”.
The Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, also intervened to help the President of the European Council. Tweet Said: “Please Rab stop teaching us and show us vaccine export data to Europe or elsewhere. In the last few months 8 million Biotech-Pfizer vaccines have been sent from Europe to the UK, how many vaccines have been sent to London in Europe .? “

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