Kovid: Free surgical or washable mask, who are the people concerned?

Published by Laurent P. Updated January 23, 2021 at 2:43 PM, January 23, 2021 at 2:46 PM.

While there is no longer any recommendation to wear a fabric mask, because of the proliferation of Kovid variants in France, many are wondering how to purchase surgical and approved masks, a significant expense in the long term. But some people may benefit from free masks, or may be reimbursed by Social Security… who can claim this free? In which cases can we request this? We take stock.

While the decree should be published next January 29 Non-recommended clothing masks To protect yourself Kovid forms, What about those who cannot afford surgical masks and such? It is definitely possible to get Masks for free, Or reimbursed byhealth insurance. But is everyone entitled to it? Under what circumstances can we take advantage of free masks?

Several answers to these questions: First, it is interesting to note that Health practitioner As well as Civil servant By their profession, many masks provided by a hospital or local community are free. A measure in force since the first imprisonment. Same thing for The most fragile people (On prescription) as well as Nominal income. People susceptible to developing a severe form of the disease are considered “fragile”.

If you are concerned, a list has also been provided by the government to investigate. For the vulnerable, here it is:

  • Be 65 and older;
  • Cardiovascular history (ATCD): complex arterial hypertension (with cardiac, renal and vascular complications), cerebrovascular accident or ATCD of coronary artery disease, cardiac surgery, NYHA stage III or IV heart failure;
  • Have imbalanced diabetes or have complications;
  • A chronic respiratory pathology to decompose during viral infection is: obstructive pulmonary disease, severe asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, sleep apnea syndrome, especially cystic fibrosis;
  • There is chronic renal failure on dialysis;
  • There is an active cancer under treatment (except hormone therapy);
  • Obesity (body mass index (BMI)> 30 kg2);
  • The least stage B Bal Pugh score is cirrhosis;
  • Have a major sickle cell syndrome or have a history of splenectomy;
  • Be in the third trimester of pregnancy;
  • Having congenital or acquired immunosuppression:
    • Medication: anticancer chemotherapy, immunosuppressive treatment, biotherapy and / or corticosteroid therapy at an immunosuppressive dose;
    • With uncontrolled HIV infection or CD4 <200 / mm3 ;
    • After a solid organ transplant or hematopoietic stem cell transplant;
    • During treatment associated with a fatal hemopathy.
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For other categories of people, the site also refers to people entitled to this type of mask:

  • Those benefiting from Supplemental Health Insurance (CSS), Supplemental Health (ACS) or State Medical Assistance (AME) by September 24, 2020, will receive the mask later this fall (the first delivery was made in late July 2020)) ;
  • People with Kovid-19 virus on presentation of e-mail or SMS from health insurance or positive results of RT-PCR test;
  • Identified as people « Contact case » Treatment by Health Insurance « Contact Kovid ».

Note that the beneficiaries ofAME, No need to apply, Six washable masks Will be delivered to you automatically La post Between 15 January and 15 February. For employees, also note that the company can provide you, which depends on the policy implemented within it.

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