Kovid, Easter for Easter Weekend | United Kingdom, ten deaths in 24 hours: never happened since September 2020

Italy in semi-lockdown, thousands of checks on roads For Easter, thousands of street checks are planned, along with checkpoints and patrols aimed at enforcing sanctions and ordinances. With the national red zone established by the new anti-Kovid decree until Monday, Italy is back to live as a lockdown everywhere on a holiday weekend.

Ciliary: “Many yellow and some white areas since May” Despite the Easter measures, there is a certain optimism breathing. Undersecretary Ciliary also looks reassuring: “In May many areas will be yellow and some will be white. From mid-April we should be able to see what we can see, with an increase in hospital administration and from mid-May, vaccine administration.” In recent times, many deaths have been observed in Great Britain, or near zero ”.

GB record, only 10 deaths in last 24 hours London’s latest budget actually sets a new record: the number of Kovid deaths has decreased to a minimum of seven months, with 10 deaths in the last 24 hours, the lowest number of victims since 14 September 2020. New infections also fell from Rs 3,423 to Rs.

Five million Brits receive a second dose And Prime Minister Boris Johnson pressures the accelerator of enthusiasm for a vaccination campaign that seems to have taken the right path, recalling milestones of 5 million people in Britain who have already been given a second dose and I urge those who are waiting to be finished. Do not delay the possibility of pharmacological treatment for vaccination to receive a second dose as soon as possible.

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Netherlands suspends AstraZeneca On the other hand, in the Netherlands, after Friday’s suspension of the use of AstraZeneca for the 60s, it was decided to avoid the wastage of doses, to temporarily stop the administration of Anglo-Swedish serum for all ages. Of the more than 60 people, who were the only ones who could be vaccinated, only 700 were vaccinated across the country: that is, only a few dosages would be served at various vaccination centers, which were at risk of being thrown out. It would remain unused in the vials.

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