Kovid-19: Vaccination rates till 26 January

The vaccination campaign against Kovid-19 in France began on December 26, 2020. To get a clear idea of ​​the progress of this campaign in each region, Science and future Percentage of people vaccinated by region according to INSEE population estimates each week (immunization data communicated by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and calculated from each region’s population)is January 2020).

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Normandy and New Aquitaine are the main ones

Until 25 January: A month after its introduction, the vaccination campaign in France continues this week, going from 479,873 to 1,092,958 people receiving vaccine doses (0.7% to 1.6% of the French population). The three major areas are Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Normandy and New Aquitaine. Three of the metropolitan areas with an intensive care occupancy rate above the health emergency threshold (Grand Est, PACA and Center-Val de Loire) are starting to hold above the national level, while the Auvern-Rhône-Alpes still remains below it Has happened. Overseas, vaccination campaigns are also intensifying (except Mayotte), but are delayed longer than in other areas.

Graphic. Vaccination rates against Kovid-19 by region, expressed as a percentage of the residents of each region who received at least one dose of vaccines. Click to view larger Sincerely: Nicolas Gutierrez c.

People related to this first phase of vaccination

This first phase of vaccination concerns:

Elderly living in establishments (Ehpad, USLD);

Introducing professionals working there and at a high risk (over the age of 50 or suffering from co-morbidities);

50 years of age or co-morbidities of health professionals, firefighters and domestic helpers;

People with disabilities were accommodated in institutions and employees working there Above 50 years of age or with co-morbid condition;

TAll over 75 peopleThem Vulnerable people at very high risk.

If you are concerned, you can find a vaccination site near you on the santé.fr website.

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