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The inspiring tragic comedy “Dream Horse” tells the incredible but true story of four-legged horseback riding. The film is occupied by some big stars. Here comes the trailer:

“Dream Horse” is set in a small town in the Welsh province. Jan (Tony Collette) leads a mundane life there as a supermarket cashier, while in the evenings she works as a bartender at a local pub. The kids are out and husband Brian (Owen Teale) is sitting in front of the TV almost all the time. A dream forms in Jan’s head: she wants to own a horse race and perhaps one day take part in the country’s most prestigious race, the “Grand National”.

With only a few pounds and less experience, she convinced her husband and accountant Howard (Damien Lewis), a frequent pub visitor, of her idea. The three found a syndicate that splits the cost of the young horse Dream Alliance, which Jan had bought cheaply, among the rest of the villagers. And indeed, the horse, which is considered “difficult”, manages to climb the gallop rankings. Jaan and Dream Alliance got a chance to participate in the big race…

After its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in the USA in 2020 “Dream Horse” will now be in German cinemas on August 12, 2021.

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Even in the trailer, the film’s atmosphere and mood are pleasantly reminiscent of underdog and feel-good audience successes such as “The Englishman Who Climbed a Hill and Came Down a Mountain” or “Long Live Ned Divine”. The incredibly incredible story of “Dream Horse”, staged by director Euros Lin (“Sherlock”, “Black Mirror”), is based on a true story.

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In 2015 a documentary was made in the south of Wales about the horse and its unusually large number of owners. “Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance” is currently available on DVD from online retailers such as Amazon for a pleasantly small amount in English originals. In German, Amazon Prime Video customers can stream the movie at no additional cost:

» “Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance” and DVD with Amazon*
» “Dark Horse: The Perfect Racehorse” as VoD on Amazon Prime Video*

These are the stars of “Dream Horse”

Toni Collette, who recently created a sensation with her appearances in “Hereditary” and “Knives Out”, has also received excellent reviews in the USA and Great Britain for “Dream Horse”. The most famous name on his part is definitely Damien Lewis. Londoner is world famous for his major participation in series hits such as “Billions”, “Homeland” and “Band of Brothers”. So far in cinema he has appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”, “An Untamed Life” and “Traitors Like Us”.

There are also some popular British characters in supporting roles such as Owen Teale from “Game of Thrones”, Joanna Page (“The Fantastic Journey of Dr. Dolittle”) and Nicholas Farrell in “The Nevers” and “The Crown”.

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For all the Original Sounds enthusiasts out there, we finally have the English-language trailer, which also features some additional visual excerpts:

* The link to the Amazon offer is a so called affiliate link. If you buy through this link, we get a commission.

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