Klaus Kleber: He Turns To The Audience As He Says Goodbye To The “Haute Journal”

2977 After Shipment
“Good night and good luck”: parting words of Klaus Kleber in “Haute Journal”

Klaus Kleber conducted 2,977 programs “Haute Journal”. “It won’t be much,” he said at the start of his final broadcast.

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ZDF presenter Klaus Kleber last moderated the “Today Journal”. In his last broadcast, he did not address only his team.

Early in the show, Klaus Kleber made it clear that this was going to be a special show: he held a piece of paper with the number 2977 in the camera. Kleber moderated so many issues of the “Haute Journal” on the ZDF and one thing is clear: there will be no more.

At 10:10 p.m., Kleber pointed the monitor set at the moderation table and had no idea what was coming next. “There are two situations here that I don’t know about,” he said. Gundula Goes next to her knew about it: she said “thank you very much” to Kleber on behalf of the team and praised her “great journalistic spirit”. He concluded, “You won’t like to hear it, but: you go and that’s the end of an era.”

Important and funny scenes with Klaus Kleber

This was followed by a clip with Kleber’s most important interviewees, a dance through the studio and presenters with Ages and Fashions – which he himself admitted with a laugh: “If you get the movie Goodbye by Claudio Armbuster, you really Have made it.”

But then Kleber turned to the audience: “It still has to get a little serious.” Kleber initially drew up a gloomy balance sheet: “Anyone who finds the news here every day can’t help but look ahead with concern. The pandemic leaves a lot of suffering, but it will pass. No matter what. What about Ukrainian what could happen at some point across the border crosses and in the Baltic states, China’s hard line. The disintegration of democracy in America, which continues to eat away. And the European idea, which has lost its momentum – Plus a few things here.”

“It doesn’t have to be all,” Kleber said. “For the first time ever, our tools are as powerful as our problems. This could become something.” But without an informed and committed public it would be nothing. “That’s why there must be editorial departments like the people behind this show: passionate professionals who can compete every morning with the sole aim of making the best possible show. Fearless, without quota pressure and shielded from political pullers.” But a great team is of no use if it can’t convince the audience.

“Every now and then the nostrils that stand out in front – now for example: The pontoon remains, thank God. I’m leaving. Christian Sievers is coming.” Her last words as the “Hut Journal” presenter were: “Good night and good luck. And a happy new year. Above all, many thanks to everyone here. See you soon.” The last scene captured by the ZDF camera was Gundula Gouge.

ZDF. Nearly 20 Years on “Today Journal”

He was the show’s main presenter on February 3, 2003, for the first time as a successor to Wolff von Lojewski. Prior to this, Doctor of Law worked for ARD as a correspondent and studio manager in the United States and later in Great Britain. Christian Seavers was announced as Kleber’s successor. In the new role, the 52-year-old will make his first appearance on January 10. 52-year-old Marietta Slomka remains the second lead presenter. This year, each issue of “Haute Journal” was viewed by an average of 4.15 million viewers.

Source:“Today Journal” from December 30, 2021 in ZDF-Mediathek, DPA.

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