Kisabel resumes in UK, France and Switzerland

The second year of marketing for the European partners of the Iford project begins with the yellow and orange varieties

who came Collected mid September of barley and orange varieties, Kissabelle apple season resumes for Northern Hemisphere partners of Iford project.

Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom They have a similar summer climate of 2021 with less rainfall and cooler temperatures, which supported the development of the pulp color of the Jawny Orange varieties and influenced the size of the apple, which is smaller than last year. Nevertheless, the quality remains high, as well as the interest of customers and consumers in these varieties, which has also been renewed thanks to targeted marketing campaigns.

Kisbell Orange and Kisbell Yellow There are two varieties of colored flesh apple, proposed in Europe by the partners of the IFRD project. The first is characterized by a pigmentation that is orange/pink to the skin, characterized by intense pink pulp and to taste delicious and refreshing, the second by pale skin, pinkish flesh and harmonious taste.

In the UK, Kisbel Jaune and Orange have developed good color and flavour. “The orange harvest started in the second half of September, while For June we are waiting for the beginning of October. We are growing with produce that is of quality despite some difference in temperature between day and night in recent months, which may compromise the sweetness and development of their characteristic colour”, he says. Anna CoxA leading, technical and quality greenyard.

“We are ready to once again bring Kissbell to all customers and distributors in the UK. We started the Kisabel Jaune Harvest and the color is great. Even though most of our crops are only two years old, and therefore the quantity is small, we have land on which we have been working for four years and we expect to yield 40 tonnes per hectare – he remarks Hannah Martin, Worldwide Fruit Sales Director – We have planned specific marketing activities for Kisbel, such as boxes containing various ingredients to make recipes with apples from this range. we will be too Sponsor Dell National Fruit Show where we will have a stand and distribute samples to introduce Kissabelle Jaune and Kissabelle Orange, which are the top varieties for us”.

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In France, anticipation for the new Kissbel season is high. “We have started the harvest and, although the apples are smaller than in the previous two seasons, they have developed a more intense color and the production, in terms of volume, is excellent, with a forecast of about 600 total tons”, he Said report. Mark PerezBlue Whale, Export Sales Manager.

“We are making some preparations for the next few months” Halloween related promotions and contests. Our customers are responding beautifully to Kisbel apples. Soon we will also have varieties of red pulp, suitable for growing in the south of France, to expand our offer. Like almost all manufacturers, in our case too Climate has reduced apple size this year, but giving an excellent color and flavor. We shipped the first pallets of the season to our customers who can’t wait to offer them to markets and mass delivery – he says Francois Mestre, co-manager of Mesfruits – We plan to export some pallets to the UK as well, which will be distributed by Tesco and M&S. In France it will be promoted with Leclerc in Lyon and later through the System U supermarket chain.

Source: Kissabelle

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