Kaïs Saïed receives a written message from US President Joe Biden


Tunisian President Kais Saied has received a “written message” from his US counterpart Joe Biden.

The head of state received an official delegation of senior US officials, led by Jonathan Finer, deputy to the White House National Security Adviser, at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Carthage this Friday, who gave him a written message from the US President. Joe Biden, from the Presidency of the Tunisian Republic, according to a press release published on his official Facebook page.

The Presidency’s services did not provide any details about the duration and circumstances of the visit.

“Finer sent a written message from Biden to Saeed’s address,” the statement said, without disclosing the contents of the message.

For his part, Saed declared that “the extraordinary measures taken on 25 July fall within the framework of the application of the Constitution and respond to the aspirations of the people, particularly with regard to political, economic and social crises and endemic corruption.” In. In the country “.

Saeed warned against “the attempts of some (without naming the parties) to spread rumors and untruths about the reality of the situation in Tunisia”.

Tunisia’s president declared that “there is no need to worry about the values ​​of freedom, justice and democracy that Tunisia shares with American society,” the statement read.

Said stressed that he “follows the will of the people, and values ​​his commitment to their problems and concerns, and will not accept injustice or violation of rights, emphasizing that Tunisia is a liberal country.” Will remain open. And open, attached to its strategic partnership. With its historical friends, ”adds the same source.

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For his part, Jonathan Finer indicated that “the US President is following the development of the situation in Tunisia and is expressing all his respects to Tunisia and its President”.

“The United States remains attached to its strategic friendship with Tunisia and supports its democratic process and looks forward to the next steps that will be taken by the head of state at the governmental and political levels.”

Kaïs Saed, during an emergency meeting with senior military and security officials, on the evening of Sunday, July 25, announced the sacking of head of government Hikem Mechichi, freezing the powers of parliament for a period of 30 days, with Same as lifting the parliamentary immunity of all deputies.

Saeed’s decisions come in the wake of popular protests among several governors of the country, demanding the resignation of the government amid economic and health difficulties and the country’s months-long political crisis.

Some political parties considered the measures a “coup against the Constitution”, while others were in favour, noting that it was a “reform of the revolutionary process”.

* Translated from Arabic by Majdi Ismail

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